Mercado (market)

In the Alentejo, the most authentic part of Portugal, you still can find the public washrooms in which the old Portugese woman did their wash. Big fields with olivetrees, a big amound of herds with sheeps, but, especially, peace and quiet. Overhere, they never heard of a traffic-jam.

You can visit de town mercado (covered market), where fresh vegetables, fish and homemade cakes and cookies are sold. You can go to one of the weekly feira's, the open marketplaces, they are in every town. Definitely a must on the weekly market is certainly the charcoal grilled chicken (Frango), with salad, bread and a glass of wine. You will love it!

You can find almost everything for sale on the markets, a lot of cheap and colorful clothes and also beautful authentic Alentejano pottery, you can taste different types of olives, and fresh cheese made from the milk of a sheep or goat. The wine is very tasty and a good quality, bottled in this region. Also famous are the well-preserved handpainted tiles on the walls, once made in brilliantly colors, called Azuleios.

Azuleios (tiles)

This area is very suitable for walking and enjoying all the bird sounds and nature, the perfect oasis of greenery and pristine streams in this area far to find. Fed by natural wells they provide life and green. You can hike, mountain biking, rock climbing, there are opportunities for beach trips with real Lusitano horses, surfing on huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean ... there's even a safari park in the neigborhood. Alro the larger cities are just a short drive away.

There is much to do and fun for everyone. Sea, sun and beaches are always closeby. From Sines to Setúbal is 80 kilometer beach! Just waiting for you.

Porto Covo
Porto Covo

We are just 1 hours drive from the Algarve with its beautiful coastline and the majestic villas of the rich and famous, at 1 hours drive from the metropolis of Lisbon, a culture with magnificent old and new buildings. A very nice mixture of old and new together in the old town, the Baixa ... with its Feira da Ladra, the thieves market, you must have to see this! Lisbon has the most modern malls in the world and you can take your time to find them out.

Discover the authentic fishing villages of the West Coast such as Melides, Santo Andre, Porto Covo and the magnificent stone beaches (Praia da Pedra) Milfontes .. . Deeper in the Alentejo you can visit Evora, Vila Viscosa with the Royal Palaces and the very, very deep marble quarries of Borba.

Experience the rich nature, a virtually untouched coastline and enjoy the peace and the authentic culture of Portugal ... a beautifully preserved Alentejo!